10 Foods That Unclog Arteries Naturally

The arteries consist of blood vessels which transfer nutrients and oxygen from the heart to the rest of the organs. But if the arteries are clogged, the condition can lead to severe cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is important to keep your blood vessels clean and bleed your arteries through proper nutrition, regular physical activity and a good lifestyle before it becomes a major problem. If you are looking for tips to naturally open the arteries with food, see the recommendations below.

“With a healthy diet and only moderate weight loss and reduction in blood pressure, you can see the regression of plaque that naturally progresses over the years.” – Iris Shai

1. Olive oil
With essential fatty acids, olive oil successfully reduces bad cholesterol levels and increases the level of good cholesterol. In addition, raspberry oil is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, substances that prevent the formation of fatty deposits in the blood vessels.

2. Orange
Scientists believe that thanks to the high concentration of vitamin C and polyphenols that contain a lot of oranges, the blood vessels are purified and provide uninterrupted blood flow.

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